In 1986, the Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) was established to help combat the high cost of traditional property/casualty insurance. Today, the ISDA provides competitively priced property/casualty coverage to over 130 school districts across the state.

Broad, reliable and competitively priced property/casualty coverage is the foundation of the ISDA program. The ISDA comprehensive package includes property, general liability, SBLL, automobile, equipment breakdown, and umbrella coverage protection. The coverage offered through the ISDA is regularly updated and tailored to meet the needs of public school districts. Over the years, the coverage package has grown to include catastrophic property exposures, liabilities arising from advances in technology, as well as coverages to meet the needs of special education. In addition, ISDA provides the highest limits available to Illinois public schools for abuse and molestation claims.

ISDA Board of Regents

Membership Privileges

ISDA was founded to address the specific property/casualty coverage needs of Illinois school districts. Sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), ISDA started out with 17 Illinois school district members and $854,000 in contributions. Under the program administration of The Sandner Group - Insurance Program Managers and its staff of industry professionals, ISDA has continued to grow and increase its level of service to member districts. Through the years, ISDA has provided Illinois school districts with dependable service in conjunction with broad, reliable and competitively priced property/casualty coverage.

School Leaders
Risk Management Association - SLRMA

ISDA members are given access to the School Leaders Risk Management Association (SLRMA). SLRMA provides up-to-date information on the latest events involving public education litigation and legislation on a federal level. SLRMA members have received assistance with self-audits and sample documents for:

  • Avoiding Discrimination Claims When Using Criminal History in Employment Decisions;
  • Bullying and Harassment;
  • District Social Media Policy, Administrator/Teacher Social Media Policies;
  • District Social Media Policy, Student Social Media Policies Checklist;
  • Homeless Student’s needs;
  • Preventing and Responding to Hazing;
  • Protecting Students in the #MeToo movement;
  • Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Students Extracurricular Activities;
  • Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Students;
  • Undocumented Student Enrollment Protection;
  • and other relevant issues facing school districts today.

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Student Accident Coverage

ISDA is always looking for new ways to help its member districts. The Student Accident Coverage program will help defray medical costs for students injured while attending regular school sessions, while traveling to and from school, and while participating in most school-sanctioned activities. This coverage provides a limit of $5,000,000 and is a way for ISDA to help member school districts show their community they care about students injured during school activities. The Student Accident program enables school districts to comply with 105 ILCS 5/22-15 "Insurance on Athletes."

Property Appraisal

Approximately 80% of member districts take advantage of ISDA’s low-cost property appraisal service. ISDA’s loss control staff conducts appraisals on-site, and provides members with an accurate value of school property to ensure that the school is purchasing the appropriate amount of coverage. Using the sophisticated computerized Marshall Swift/Boeckh system, ISDA’s loss control staff provides the initial appraisal, and then conducts yearly updates as well as additional field work as needed.

Loss Control Services

Staffed with loss control professionals located throughout the state, the loss control program offers exceptional loss control services to all members. Services such as evaluations of the school district’s current in-house safety/loss control programs, current and historic losses, as well as assistance in developing programs and procedures for self-inspection, forming safety committees, and evaluation of OSHA inspections are but a few of the loss control services provided to ISDA member districts. Team visits by The Sandner Group Agent, loss control specialist, and claims adjuster allow member districts to analyze trends in losses, plan for policies to mitigate future losses, and determine what risks they may face in the future, allowing the member to work with their Sandner Group Agent to coordinate coverages.

Loss Control Manual

Upon joining the ISDA, districts receive what has been noted as one of the most comprehensive loss control manuals currently available. This copyrighted manual provides practical advice on specific loss control measures ISDA members should implement to avoid conditions that may result in a loss or claim. Transportation of students, blood-borne pathogens, and lockout/tagout are just some of the topics covered in this indispensable manual.  pdf Click here to download the Loss Control Manual (pdf) (25 KB)  

Claims Administration

ISDA’s claim administrator—The Sandner Group - Claims Management—works with members to ensure that districts recover quickly after a property/casualty claim. Computerized claim tracking and 24-hour response lines are tools used to appropriately handle ISDA members’ property/casualty claims on a timely basis.


ISDA is a growing program. The Sandner Group - Alternative Risk Solutions is charged with the task of getting the word out to Illinois school districts about the significant savings on district coverages. It has expanded the network of agents located throughout the stateto increase the availability of personnel to service members' needs.

Illinois school districts can look to ISDA for the most current information on property/casualty related issues. Working with its service providers, the ISDA continuously searches for more cost effective ways to provide coverage and to communicate information to its members. ISDA provides regular informative news via its quarterly newsletters and the ISDA web site. ISDA members also receive the Risk Control Bulletin from The Sandner Group - Claims Management with the latest information on safety and risk management news aimed at helping school districts reduce risk.